DMCA Notice and Content Removal Procedures

First of all, we declare that Camvaly does not steal any of your content. If you still find any content on our site that violates copyrights, please continue.

1. We all have the same goal

On Camvaly, you can watch a live stream of cam girls. Also, you can watch recorded videos of cam girls. So basically, we promote the following contents of yours (cam girls).

  • Live stream
  • Recorded video

Through the above contents, we promote you to a wider audience. As a result, it leads to more followers who pay you. However, we don’t host any content on this website. We get these contents from your cam company because they want us to make you more money. In a word, you, me and the cam company, all have the same goal of making money by promoting you.

2. Don’t mix up

Please don’t mix us with other spammy websites that steal your content (videos and photos) without promoting you. These websites do not add any value to you. So, before taking any action, it is important to find out which websites promote you and which ones do not.

3. Content removal

If your content is present on this website and you want to remove it. You can do this by contacting us. We will be happy to delete your content, but we need the following information to do so.

  • The specific URL of the copyrighted content that you claim.
  • Your detailed contact information (address, telephone number and email address).
  • You may need to show further proof that you own this content.

If you have any questions about DMCA or need more information. Do not hesitate. Feel free to Contact Us.